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Class of 2021 - 2022 Apprentices

We recently completed the final modules for the BDA Apprenticeship 2021 – 2022 Programme. The two modules covered; Ground Investigation and Geothermal, completed in Barrow In Furness. The 11 Apprentices from Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited, Arcadis, The Sirius Group and Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd have been a credit to their companies throughout the apprentice programme.

The first part of the week delivered by Lee Allardyce was Ground Investigation which covered areas such as; methods of ground investigation, standards, site classifications and sampling. We also incorporated a site to the fantastic facilities at Drilcorp where the apprentices were shown specialist drilling equipment. We also visited local company Heacol Ltd who demonstrated their specialist equipment including drill rig equipment and heat source pumps.

The Geothermal module again presented by Lee Allardyce was very well received with a lot of the apprentices keen to learn more about geothermal drilling and ground source heat pumps. Some of the topics covered included: closed loop system designs, drilling instructions, loop installation, grouting and backfilling and flow and pressure testing. As part of this module we went live to GreenGlove Boreholes who allowed us to complete a remote site visit, thanks to Paul for providing us with a live feed of a working site and demonstrating the loop installation process.

Some of the feedback from the two courses include;

“Good course, very well presented”.

“Very good informative week”

“Lee’s experience in the industry helps with courses”.

“Brilliant courses, a lot of knowledge passed on”.

“Well presented and organised”.

“Site visits really informative and educational”

As a new addition the apprentices also completed a short course on Wire Rope Appreciation created by British Drilling Association Chair Paul McMann. The course covered topics such as; Components of wire rope, construction of wire rope, different types of wire rope and rope termination. The course concluded with the apprentices sitting a test.

Land Drilling NVQ & Training would like to say a huge thanks to all of the companies who helped with the delivering of these modules for the BDA Apprenticeship Scheme.

We will now commence work on the apprentices Land Drilling Level 2 Diploma in Drilling Operations - Lead Driller Qualification.

The BDA are now recruiting for the 2022 - 2023 Apprenticeship Programme.

For any training requirements visit our website

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